Frailty Science Presentations at ICFSR 2023

The 2023 International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research is coming up soon! This annual conference, which showcases state-of-the-art research on frailty and sarcopenia, will be held in Toulouse, France from March 22nd -24th.  There is also a virtual attendance option. 

We are excited to announce that members of our Frailty Science team will be attending to present talks at symposia and paper sessions during the conference.  Some featured sessions are highlighted here:

  • Dr. Jeremy Walston will moderate the lead symposium, A Road Map for the Development of High Priority Physical Frailty Research.  Dr. Walston will present a talk on Biological Research Priorities; Dr. Qian-Li Xue will present Future Implementation Research Priorities; and Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche will present Public Health Research Priorities.
  • Dr. Qian-Li Xue will moderate a symposium on Disentangling Relationships among Resilience, Frailty, and Self-Reported Health: Longitudinal Evidence from Community and Clinical Studies of Older Adults. For this session, Brian Buta, MHS, will present Frailty and Self-Reported Health as Surrogate Markers of Physiological Resilience: Findings from the SPRING-RESTORE Study; Dr. Xue will present Physical Frailty, Self-Reported Health and All-Cause Mortality: Implications for Resilience; and Dr. Amal Wanigatunga will present Interactions between Self-Reported Health and Free-Living Movement Patterns on Frailty Incidence.
  •  Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche will moderate a symposium on the Conceptualization, Ascertainment and Implications of Prefrailty as a Public Health Priority. As part of this session, she will present on Next-generation Prefrailty Assessment in the Physical Frailty Phenotype.
  • Dr. Jenna Mammen will lead a presentation on the Association Between Thyroid Function and Lower Limb Composition in Older Adults: Analysis from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.
  • Dr. Megan Huisingh-Scheetz will present on Design, methods and preliminary findings for the EngAGE trial: An exercise and social engagement intervention for multimorbid, homebound African American older adult-care partner dyads delivered over voice-activated technology.

The full conference program is now online, including keynote presentations and poster sessions

We hope those who are interested are able to attend this exciting conference!  Registration is still open, including an option for virtual attendance. 

Please also take a look at our ongoing Frailty Fighters campaign that highlights many of the presenters at this year’s conference. 

Wishing all a great 2023 ICFSR, in person and online!