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Johns Hopkins Frailty Science Researchers Contribute to a Global Frailty Seminar Series

Anthony L. Teano, MLA
Anthony L. Teano, MLA

Communications Specialist
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Jeremy Walston and Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche, Frailty Science’s co-PIs, are participating in a novel Frailty Seminar Series along with other influential aging and frailty researchers from around the world over the coming several months.  The highly-informative Frailty Seminar Series is an 11-month program aimed at promoting scientific exchanging and sharing evidence-based practices and research advances about all aspects of frailty around the globe.


On October 13th, Dr. Jeremy Walston joined Drs. Matteo Cesari (University of Milan, Italy) and Kenneth Rockwood (Dalhousie University, Canada) to present “Frailty as an Outcome of Clinical Trials” as part of this series.   Dr. Cesari spoke to the clinical relevance and scientific relevance of health outcomes pertaining to frailty within the context of aging, and to the importance of frailty definitions and assessment tools.  Dr. Rockwood addressed the complexity of measuring frailty in clinical trials, a summary of mortality risks observed by cardiologists, and characteristics of qualify frailty measures demonstrated through clinical trials. Finally, Dr. Walston discussed the physical frailty phenotype, its biological underpinnings, and the use of both the physical frailty phenotype and the frailty index in clinical trials.  Recommendations were made to target pre-frail groups in clinical study development, and using frailty as a secondary outcome given present FDA targets of primary outcomes in older adult related to physical and cognitive primary outcomes.  


These seminars are recorded.  For your convenience, here are links to the Frailty Seminar Series recordings to date:



All seminars held at Noon ET on the second Wednesday of each month through July, 2022.  The next seminar will be held on December 8th: “Frailty and Vaccine Effectiveness and Response to Infections” with Dr. Melissa Andrew from Dalhousie University, Canada. 


You may be interested to know that Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche will present “Progression of Physical Frailty and The Risk of All-Cause Mortality” at the session on February 9, 2022.  Without a doubt, her presentation will be thoughtful, insightful, and compelling.  Don’t miss it!


Certificates of attendance are provided.  AMA CMEs are available for those eligible.  You may register for one Frailty seminar or all of them here.  The series is sponsored by the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center, and its organizing committee includes scientific leaders from four continents.


Finally, if you are a seeking a postdoc opportunity that explores some of these ideas, take a look at the fabulous T32-funded Translational Aging Research fellowship (PI: Dr. Jeremy Walston) and the Epidemiology and Biostatistics of Aging training program (PI: Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche) here.


Details about the series, the organizing committee, and the full Frailty Seminar Series presentation schedule appear below:


FSS ScheduleFSS Details & Org Cmte