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The Johns Hopkins Fighting Frailty Podcast

Fighting Frailty Podcast
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The Johns Hopkins Fighting Frailty Podcast series explores exciting areas of aging-related research, with a focus on vulnerability and frailty, with experts from Johns Hopkins and beyond. Hosted by Ramana Kolady, a high school senior and volunteer with the Frailty Science leadership team at Johns Hopkins,  this  series focuses on important issues and challenges people face as they age and looks to science experts for insights on how we can support the well-being of older adults in our community. 

Episode Guide: 

pisode 1: Frailty in Older Adults: a conversation about frailty in older adults with Dr. Jeremy Walston, Professor in the Division of Geriatric Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Episode 2: Self-Efficacy and Frailty: a conversation about self-efficacy and its relationship to frailty and aging with Dr. Melissa Hladek, Assistant Professor in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.